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PCCT - Pulse Counter Computer Transmitter



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Key features

Records meter pulses locally and reports on the data received

Extreme long battery life IP67 water resistant plastic enclosure.

Wireless communication for pulse meters

Alarms and Warnings

*Installation not included


The Flecto PCCT was designed to fill a gap in the existing market where units already have a pulse output on their water meters. Old-school water meters have a magnet fixed to one of the rotating wheels inside.

Every time the magnet passes the magnetic reed switch, a pulse gets generated. These pulses are normally one pulse for every 10 liters but depends on the meter manufacturer. The PCCT can be configured to match the existing meter exactly. Simply add this unit to your existing water meter pulse output and you are good to go. Get your water meter readings via your smartphone or computer.

Other features

Battery Chemistry
Any Lead acid
Battery Voltage
12 Volts
Max Charge rate
Four Charge Stages
Conditioning, Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Float.
Solar Panel
10w – 20w 30v
Charge, Low, Medium, Full
Dimensions charger
80mm(L) x 40mm(W) x 16mm(H)
Dimensions 10w Solar Panel
310mm(L) x 367mm(W) x 17mm(D)
Cable length
Battery connection
Round lug, Terminal clips or Push on F-Type
Box contents
10W Solar Panel, Battman, wires with terminals.


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