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Flecto Sense Smart Valve Controller

Flecto Sense Customer Interface Unit

Key features

Accurate prepaid revenue collection

Warning detection

Configurable monthly free allocation

Precise ultrasonic measurement (No pulse counting)

SVC Solution (Smart Valve Controller)

Kamstrup MC21 - Water Meter

*Installation not included


At Flecto Sense we believe in partnership. Together as a team we can dream up the best technological advancements and bring them to life.

We aspire to bring value, adding change to market across various industries based on focused technological advancements.

AMI Ready

AMR Ready

STS Certified

Other features

Drive by reading ready

IP68 water resistant

10 Year battery life

Excessive usage detection

Network ready

No external wiring

Tamper detection

Leak detection

Dry detection

Battery Chemistry
Any Lead acid
Battery Voltage
12 Volts
Max Charge rate
Four Charge Stages
Conditioning, Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Float.
Solar Panel
10w – 20w 30v
Charge, Low, Medium, Full
Dimensions charger
80mm(L) x 40mm(W) x 16mm(H)
Dimensions 10w Solar Panel
310mm(L) x 367mm(W) x 17mm(D)
Cable length
Battery connection
Round lug, Terminal clips or Push on F-Type
Box contents
10W Solar Panel, Battman, wires with terminals.

Smart Valve

The unit can be operated remotely and is integrated with the water meter which act as a controller for events like bursts and leaks.

The unit features our standard Li-Ion battery for extreme long battery life and packaged in an IP68 plastic enclosure.

Kamstrup MC21 Meter

This ultrasonic water metre unit is safe from water damage and has no moving parts.

The built-in communication system that lets you stay on top of your water consumption manually or via the system and gives precise readings as well as alerting you of any leaks, bursts, tampering attempts or reverse flows so you can deal with them quickly and effectively.

Flecto Customer Interface Unit

These units function as a means to carry the encrypted information from the system to the user.

Built in alarms will warn the user of leaks, bursts and general information of the water system.


Brochure - SVC Prepaid

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Brochure - SVC Post-paid

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Additional feature

The Flecto Sense Concentrator

The concentrator facilitates AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) to read meters on fixed network, walk-by or drive-by modes. The FSC works with all Kamstrup WMBus devices and the whole range of Flecto Sense WMBus products..

The system is unique in the way the data is always encrypted. You can count on accurate readings, timely responses, data that you can use and report the way you want to.

The FSC records all the WMBus information four times an hour. These readings get sent to the Flecto Backend server where the data is stored for 32 days. The data can be viewed, exported, displayed, printed or imported into other systems. Standard integration via REST API or web portal access from smartphones, tablets and computers.

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